Oscar Sackaroff

My son, Oscar, played for Coach West on his 10U BB Jr Ducks travel hockey team.  After the season, I began working with Coach Narm on my son’s edge work. Coach Narm is an outstanding teacher and subscribes to the “show me, teach me, and perfect me” style of teaching which has been a great style for my son. My son’s skill level has improved consistently while lessons remain fun and challenging. Coach Narm is passionate and consistent and values your time and effort. I would absolutely recommend Coach Narm to anyone looking for a skills or skating coach.

Roger Sackaroff

Dylan Junghanel


After spending two seasons in The Rinks In-House organization (6U), we were introduced to Coach Narm during the 2019 8U Jr. Ducks tryout.  After our first official season of travel hockey, and we couldn’t be more excited for season two!  The primary reason for our excitement is because Coach Narm is at the helm.  He has surrounded himself with a great complimentary training staff, that all buy into his player-development-first coaching mentality.

Coach Narm goes the extra mile at every team practice and private lesson.  Many times last season, we would find ourselves pulling out of The Rinks parking lot an hour after practice was over.  Why?  Coach Narm takes the time to talk to parents about anything: drills, improvement capabilities, practice/game plans, lineups, etc.  Lessons were more of the same. Whether it be taking video to send to us privately, or posting progress videos to his social media pages, Narm took the time to document our son’s progress and challenge him to new victories, on and off the ice. In this off-season, I reached out to Coach Narm regarding off-ice development, to work on with my son.  By the next morning, he’d sent a daily/monthly work-out regiment, tailored to youth athletes (not hockey-specific).  On top of the physical workout, this plan included mental health workouts in the form of motivational readings and writing prompts. In my opinion, one of the many things that set him apart is his focus on developing his players’ hockey game both mentally and physically.  

My son’s skating has drastically improved, since starting private skating/edge-work lessons with Coach Narm.  Although my son had been skating for about a year, Coach Narm went straight back to the skating basics at the start of their lessons.  I’m fairly certain I saw my son hold the wall and practiced the correct skating technique, more in the first few lessons than I ever had before.  I saw immediate results! It was then, I knew I’d decided on the right instructor. Looking back at our last travel season, my son’s progress and development were a direct result of the one-on-one skating lessons with Narm. Coach taught him to skate with confidence and to compete in every single race to the puck.

If you are looking to start a youth hockey career for your child, whether that be a recreational or travel program, I suggest you start your search with Coach Narm and sign up for a 30-minute lesson with StormHockey88.  You won’t regret it!  Not only will he develop your child into a better hockey player, but he will also develop their mind, attitude, and overall well-being. He’s been a catalyst for growing our Son’s passion for hockey and drive to compete.

Derek Junghanel

Samantha & Zach Sada

Our daughter, Samantha (b. 2011)  and our son, Zachary (b. 2012) were coached for two mite seasons (2018-19 and 2019-20) by Coach Narm.  Under Coach Narm, our two children developed their hockey skills tremendously.  We believe that Coach Narm’s strength is his ability to enable a kids creative hockey instincts to flourish.   We appreciated Coach Narm’s willingness to train and teach our kids more advanced hockey concepts during practices.  Coach Narm’s training found fun ways to challenge our kids and they were able to progress quickly from the Mite B track to the Mite A track. Coach Narm has enabled our daughter Samantha to be able to develop her talents to effectively compete against some of the highest skilled boys in the region and easily standout among her female peers.  Coach Narm has enabled our son Zachary to battle through adversity and helped Zachary to effectively use creativity to create time and space on the ice.

Bram Sada

Colton Steigner

My son has been playing hockey since he was 4, reached a stall at age 6 with inconsistent coaching. Wasn’t until we met coach Narm he help my son get through that stall.  Coach Narm is an amazing motivator, kids love him and most importantly respect him!  We are forever grateful to be learning the amazing game of hockey from The Great Coach Narm!

Richard Steigner

Noah Primeau

I highly recommend Coach Narm. My Son has been working with Coach Narm for 2 1/2 years. He builds physically strong players by working both on and off the Ice.  As individuals, his players are coached to come together and work as a team.  He style of coaching comes from positivity. He gives constructive instruction taking the time on the ice to make corrections.  He cares about his players and listens to their concerns.  Coach Narm is emotionally supportive of his players and strives for each player to have a good time all while not compromising the hard work and commitment to Hockey.  

Erika Primeau

Julian Young

We met Coach Narm when we were searching for someone to help our son with his edge work. After a month of weekly skate lessons, we saw a huge improvement in his speed and flow. Narm’s coaching style is a great balance between discipline, hard work, and fun. He is always willing to take a few minutes to give feedback to his students and parents. Coach Narm is on my son’s list of “favorite coaches”.

Karla McCann

Landon Cabral

We were looking to get our child more involved in the sport as he was just starting out in the sport, and were recommended to Coach Narm as were told he was very patience and great with all ages.

The greatest benefit we’ve gotten has been the personalized coaching our son has received during the power skating and stick time.  Narm has great patience and understanding and always makes the effort to make sure the child is doing the drill correctly to make sure the development can grow.

Coach Narm has helped my child reached his goals by providing a plan for my child’s development on and off the ice and keeping in communication with us on the progression of his development.

Coach Narm has always been a pleasure to work with, he always tries to leave time after the sessions to talk, and if he’s unavailable he makes sure to respond to any emails or texts.

When our son needed some extra edge work for his skating, Coach Narm went out of his way to find us a wonderful edge work coach whom we’re still using.

I would definitely recommend Coach Narm to other players, because he makes the extra effort to develop personal bonds with the players and drives them to reach their personal goals.

Coach Narm never let’s his players go half-speed, he always strives for the extra effort and encourages them to do more cause he believes they can do more.

Jason Cabral