Los Al Griffins

Schedule Scrimmage

Sunday mornings at Paramount Iceland between 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Dress will be conducted outside minus skates, helmets, and gloves. The foyer will be available for players to enter the building to complete getting dressed. There will be two referees with 5-min warm-up, 3-periods of 20-min run time, 1-min intermissions, and 3v3 overtime if tied at the end of regulation.

2019-2020 JV Team

Coaching Philosophy

The Los Alamitos high school coaching staff’s main goal is to create and develop a successful High School hockey program by implementing a team-first attitude. Build a fun, competitive, disciplined, learning environment for all players to excel. Teach to compete!!

To accomplish this we need to have the coaches and players all willing to pursue the common goal of the team. Our goal should be to teach, develop and motivate our players to become leaders and good teammates. We must emphasize to our players that team play will take us further than individual/selfish play. Encourage the experienced players to help the less experienced players. This can be accomplished by a team system and plays that involve a group effort. This can be done by simply communicating a play or passing the puck to your teammate. Our next goal will be to create a practice environment that challenges the players and pushes our less experience players to improve. Repeat, repeat, and repeat some more. Repetition is key to learning.