Team Update | Oct. 8, 2019

12U AA 2007

First CAHA weekend in Vacaville, CA, we earned a record of 3-0 playing against GSE-1, Jr Sharks, and GSE-2, respectively. The lesson we were trying to teach the kids was ownership. We are here to raise these boys to become young men, and young men take responsibility for their actions. As a part of the coaching staff, we have reiterated fundamental techniques to the players over and over and over again with little improvement. It is not that they are not capable but choose not to apply what is being taught due to laziness and sometimes fear. 

“I have not been doing a very good job of teaching you because we are still making the same mistakes and not improving our skills. Do you guys enjoy hearing me on repeat about the same thing???”


“What is the difference between a child and an adult? A child has to be helped by an adult to do things, whereas an adult does them without assistance.”

“Do you wish to be treated like a child or a young man?”

“A young man.”

“You have to prove it. Take responsibility to apply the things we teach you. If you don’t want to apply those things, then we will be forced to treat you like a child.”

Did the kids get it right away? No, they didn’t it. But, their attitude began to change as we spoke to them and how they listened to us. They began to understand we aren’t here to torture them but to help them. They began to play with more confidence because they understood their capability due to the ownership they possessed for their actions, which means they don’t have to rely on us to make every single decision for them. I was well pleased to see some remarkable plays based on their instinct and abilities that are AAA caliber.

To say the least, I like how our kids are developing.

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